Blaine, Grainger County Real Estate

A Brief Overview of Blaine, Grainger County

According to statistics, people who move to Blaine, Tennessee tend to settle in and stay for good. Blaine is a wholesome place to live and raise a family.

Located at the west end of Grainger County in Middle East Tennessee, the City of Blaine and surrounding area form a quiet, rural community with a low crime rate and strong sense of community.

Many claim the west end of Grainger County is evolving into a bedroom community, or, in other words, a suburb of Knoxville.

Although it has recently experienced an influx of new residents, many families in the area have family roots that go back for hundreds of years, some as far as the formation of the county.

Blaine has a number of "Century Farms" that have been in continuous operation in their locations for over a century. [Read more Blaine history]

Although west Grainger County has a long history of farming, according to the 2000 census, the #1 reported profession among men in the area was in the area of construction, whereas healthcare was the top profession reported among women.

Things have changed over the years, yet Grainger County continues a strong tradition of animal husbandry. Blaine city residents regularly enjoy equestrian events hosted by Spur'n "S" Rodeo and River Ranch Stables.

The City of Blaine is situated along scenic Rt. 11w, at the foot of Clinch Mountain. Appalachian music thrives and is celebrated with an annual charitable Clinch Mountain Bluegrass Festival in Blaine. Hiking and mountain-bike riding are convenient pass-times since the House Mountain State Natural Area is only approximately 5 miles to the west of city limits at the edge of Knox County. For those who enjoy boating and fishing, the Holston river is just a few miles south. See Blaine Things to Do

Many corner churches are the thriving cultural centers of their community. In addition to their regular devotional services, Grainger County's churches host picnic gatherings, gospels, and tent revivals. All the churches in the proximity of Blaine city limits are Baptist, however, other denominations of churches exist within a short distance nearby. [See Grainger County's churches]

Additional communities in the west end of Grainger County/Blaine area, include Zacharytown, Richland, and Lea Springs.

An unmistakable landmark visible in Blaine is the WBIR TV tower to the north, located in nearby Corryton. In 1963, the tower briefly held the Guiness world record for the tallest man-made structure in the world at a height of 1,752 feet. As noted in an article in the Knox Metro Pulse, that's 650 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower and 350 feet taller than the Empire State Building.

Located along the Tennessee Valley Technology Corridor, Blaine, TN is also a great place to seat your business/industry. Blaine is in the process of infrastructure development and improvements. The four-lane highway portion of Rt. 11w starts at Blaine and continues into Knoxville. The Grainger County area portion of 11w is synonymously referred to as both Lee Highway and Rutledge Pike. Due to its prime location and changes to zoning, a large and highly visible/accessible new business park is currently in the works right off 11w in Blaine.

Location: Blaine
County: Grainger
State: Tennessee
Area Code: 865
Zip Code: 37709

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Local Snapshots

  • A mill along Richland Creek, viewable from the roadside in Blaine, TN.

    Stone's Mill Snapshot taken from the present-day bridge on Richland Creek

  • Old Richland Creek Bridge

    Trestle Remains Of the Richland Creek Bridge

  • The Poplar Hill House, built for Cynthia Lea

    Cynthia Lea's Poplar Hill House

  • Shield's Station, Blaine, TN, USA

    Shield's Station Named for Owner/Resident, Dr. Samuel Shields. After 1833, Shield's Station operated as the Blain's Crossing stagecoach stop, post office, general store, & pharmacy along the Great Wagon Trail.