Mount Carmel, Hawkins County Real Estate

A Brief Overview of Mount Carmel, Hawkins County

"As treaties were made with the Indian tribes and land companies opened vast tracts of land west of the Appalachian Mountains, an increasing flood of settlers moved into the western country of North Carolina and Virginia. General settlement of what is now Hawkins County began in the late 1760s and early 1770s. Following the Revolutionary War in 1784, North Carolina ceded its western lands to the US Government to help pay for its share of the war debt. Soon after, a convention of delegates from Washington, Greene and Sullivan Counties met to from

a new state, Franklin. But North Carolina then repealed its law and reclaimed its western lands. The State of Franklin existed in opposition to North Carolina's claim until 1788 when it finally collapsed and the area submitted once again to the rule of North Carolina. In 1787, Hawkins County, North Carolina was created by the NC legislature. County commissioners voted to locate the county seat at Joseph Roger's place on Crockett Creek. A combination courthouse and jail were built where the old Presbyterian Cemetery now stands, and the community was known as Hawkins Court House. In 1790, North Carolina again ceded its western lands to the United States, and Hawkins County then became part of the Territory South of the River Ohio." — Excerpt: Rogersville Heritage Association

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Many corner churches are the thriving cultural centers of their community. In addition to their regular devotional services, Hawkins County's churches host picnic gatherings, gospels, and tent revivals. [See Hawkins County's churches]

Located along the Tennessee Valley Technology Corridor, Hawkins County, TN is also a great place to seat your business/industry. [See Hawkins County Business Information]

Location: Mount Carmel
County: Hawkins
State: Tennessee
Area Code: 423
Zip Code: 37645
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