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A Brief Overview of Sevier County

From its beginnings as a traditional subsistence-based farming society, Sevier County has grown into a major tourist destination since the establishment of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is dominates the southern portion of the county. One of the very reasons for the park's creation, however, was also one of the county's first major economic engines: the lumber industry. Establishments in what is now the national park felled large amounts of timber in the early 1900s. Though the park effectively killed the then-lagging industry in the late 1930s, it spurred the development of one of the largest tourist resorts in the United States of America, as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is now the most visited national park in the country.

In recent years the tourism bubble has expanded beyond the city of Gatlinburg, which borders the Northwestern segment of the national park, and into the nearby cities of Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. — Source: Wikipedia [Read Sevier County history]

Many corner churches are the thriving cultural centers of their community. In addition to their regular devotional services, Sevier County's churches host picnic gatherings, gospels, and tent revivals. [See Sevier County's churches]

Located along the Tennessee Valley Technology Corridor, Sevier County, TN is also a great place to seat your business/industry. [See Sevier County Business Information]

Sevier County History

Prior to the encroachment of white settlers in present day Sevier County, the area had been inhabited for as many as 20,000 years by various prehistoric Indian tribes, the ancestors of the regionally dominant Cherokee Indians. Though they used the region primarily as hunting grounds, the Cherokee vehemently fought white settlement in their territory, frequently leading raids on households in the area, even through the signing of various peace treaties, alternating short periods of peace with violent hostility[1], until forcibly marched from their territory by the U.S. government on the infamous "Trail of Tears[2]."

Sevier County as it is known today was formed on September 18, 1794 from part of neighboring Jefferson County, as has retained the same boundaries that it was drawn up with over 200 years ago. The county takes its name from John Sevier, governor of the failed state of Franklin and first governor of Tennessee, who played a prominent role during the tumultuous early years of settlement in the region []. Since its establishment in 1795, the county seat has been situated at Sevierville (also named for Sevier), the eighth-oldest city in Tennessee.

Prior to the late 1930s, Sevier County's population, economy, and society held little significance vis-? -vis any other county in the rural South. However, with the creation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 1936, the destiny of Sevier County, within the bounds of which lies thirty percent of the total area of the national park, was to change drastically. Today, rampant tourism supports the county's burgeoning economy which does not appear to be slowing any time in the near future. — Source: Wikipedia

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Location: Sevier County
State: Tennessee
Area Code: 865
Zip Codes: 37738 37764 37862 37863 37864 37868 37876

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