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Why Single Tree Realty Company? If you are selling a home, here's what we can do for you

We will compile information about your home in preparation for the listing. This information can include your home's square footage, type of heating and cooling, proximity to school, and so on.

We will estimate your property's value, taking into account comparable sales in your area. This is done in order to help you price it right.

We will prepare, coordinate, and pay for advertising and marketing efforts for your home. This can include placing advertisements in the paper, conducting open houses, and placing a sign in front of your home.

We will screen prospective buyers so that only qualified buyers with serious intentions are shown your home.

We will list the property on the MLS and work with other Agents to let the maximum number of qualified buyers see your property.

We will write offers, place the buyer's deposit in escrow, and take care of other necessary documentation such as title reports.

We will advise you on aspects of the sale contract and dealing with the buyer on various elements you may want to negotiate. This includes the negotiating with the buyer on price, if necessary, in an effort to obtain the full value for your home.

We will help the buyer locate financing, arrange for home inspections, and an appraisal and other details in preparation for the closing.

We will accompany you to the closing or attend in your place.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Curb appeal The first impression could make or break the deal. Your home's exterior should be fresh, trim, and tidy. Repair and repaint the exterior if needed. Ensure the walkways are clear, safe, and well lit. Repair the handrail, doorbell, light fixtures, mailbox... Cleaning and minor repairs are probably the least expensive, yet most effective strategy for selling your home.

Sprucing it up - where to draw the line Whether your goal is a speedy sale or to profit by the sale of your home, when updating the look, limit your improvements to where they're needed for maximum impact. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the areas that could use help. Plan for your anticipated buyer's demographic, narrow it down to the essentials, and then set a budget. Improvements should not be made with the intention of fetching a higher price than other homes in that community. According to the National Association of REALTORs, buyers generally seek the least expensive home in the best neighborhood they can afford so an "over-improved" home, however amazing, may be passed up for one that's more modest and affordable.

The National Association of Builders has offered a convenient list of home remodelers for your reference.

Less is more About the may have a very good reason for being where it is, however, for a quick sale, imagine the house as a whole, from a newcomer's perspective and then mercilessly remove all clutter from the yard, stairs, halls, closets, bathrooms, kitchen, garage, attic, etc. If necessary, rent a storage unit temporarily. Less clutter gives an overall impression of spaciousness. On the other hand, if you can avoid it, don't start packing or sell off your furniture before you sell the home. Think of every room in your house as a show-room. A living room that's conspicuously missing a couch, or a kitchen missing the kitchen table, for instance, will just look a little off.

Let it sparkle Clean, vacuum, check for and remove stains...and when you're done, give it another once-over before each showing. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially important. Check the grout and caulking. Don't forget to remove all personal items from sight and empty wastebaskets. Work and legal papers and bills should be filed away out of site. Remove excess appliances and other objects from the kitchen counters. Stow the post-it notes and cute magnets from the fridge...

Final Walk through Enlist a friend to help make a final assessment. Your friend may spot things you've grown accustomed to, things that may create a negative impression in the minds of prospective buyers.

Invite potential buyers to envision the home as their home Avoid distracting stimulus like music, tv or radio, children, and pets. Ensure that your home smells fresh and inviting but isn't overpowered with perfumes or scented candles. Open the curtains and let the sun shine in. Even during daylight tours, illuminate gloomy corners. If showing the house at night, light generously but maintain a comfortable level (avoid harsh lighting). Turn outdoor lighting on in advance. This is so they can see the exterior but also, as a safety precaution.

Tag team Allow ample time and space. As a rule, it's probably best to leave potential buyers and your agent to a one-on-one interaction. As the seller, it's fine to be on-hand, but give your agent time and space to work their magic. Your agent will come to you with any questions he or she is unable to answer. Also, avoid over-lapping showings. Potential buyers waiting in the wings to see the home may pressure your guest to rush out the door and could cost you a sale.

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Are you ready to sell your property? Find out what your home is worth, request a complimentary consultation, find out how to sell quickly - Contact Single Tree Realty Company today... Click here to get started.